Visit Borobudur Temple For The Vacation Of A Lifetime


Every year I look forward to taking the family away for our yearly vacation. I love everything about vacation time, well almost everything. I don’t especially like picking a vacation spot.

You’d think that wouldn’t be the case, but it is. You see, I always want to go some place exotic and adventurous but my family just wants to go to the most popular theme park. I can’t seem to make them understand that Disney World is pretty much the same from year to year!

So we argue back and forth until usually I cave in. Sure I always have fun, no matter where we go; but I’d like it to be where I want to go a little more often.

But let me tell you, one year I did manage to persuade them to try something a little more exotic; OK – a LOT more exotic. It was pretty spectacular and I’d like to tell you about it today so that you might go there yourself some day.

I’m talking about the Borobudur Temple.

If you’re into ancient temples and exotic ancient history then this is the place for you! You may not have ever heard about it and that’s OK because most people haven’t.

It’s located on the Kedu Plain, which is located in Central Java. Java is a province in Indonesia, over there in Asia. Really, just about anywhere you go in Asia’s going to be amazing, especially if you’ve never experienced that culture before.

Basically this place is an 8th century Temple…a Buddhist Temple to be exact (think large statues of Buddha). The entire temple itself is built in the shape of a Lotus Flower, which is awesome.¬†candi borobudur¬†¬†

There are almost a hundred large statues of Buddha along the walls of the temple. The walls alone stretch almost 8,500 feet in length.

I don’t think its a stretch to say that this is one of the most amazing monuments in all of Asia. I don’t think many people would argue that! Even if you don’t go, do yourself a favor and search around on the Internet a little bit for some pictures of this place. It’s spectacular.

This is a vacation for adults as well as children. Your kids will remember this place for as long as they live. With our world shrinking and western civilization become more and more interwoven and dependent on Asia, it’s important to explore their rich heritage and the Borobudur Temple is a great place to start. I recommend you start planning your trip right away!


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