All Mothers Can Get a Degree in Health Care With Federal Grants – Improve Your Life

The stimulus package introduced this year includes a huge investment in updating both the systems and the workers in the health care field. As a working Mom, perhaps you have considered that area or perhaps you are currently employed in health care and want to advance in your field. Either way, money is available now to you as a student and for employers to create these jobs in the near future.

Depending on your family situation, you may find enough financial help through the Pell Grant Program and the tax credits available to make going back to school very affordable. You may even find monetary help with purchasing a computer for school or to help cover childcare costs as you pursue your education. Consider these huge expenditures. $19 Billion is being added to modernize health care systems, including electronic record keeping. Another $10 Billion is being added to create jobs in biomedical research. $500 Million will go to training doctors, dentists and nurses. If any of these medical fields appeal to you, this could be a fine opportunity. Do a little research, too. A couple of good sites are Health Care MOM Pell Grants have long been the workhorse of students from low- and middle-income families. These, of course, do not have to be repaid, and the total available is more than $15 Billion. Individuals may now receive $5500. The American Opportunity Tax Credit has been increased by $700, up to a new maximum allowed of $2,500. Take a little time for yourself and your future. Make a “to do” list. Just seeing the steps written out makes them seem so much more doable.

Use this list as you check off one by one the steps you have accomplished. You will feel empowered by your success. And a hidden benefit: your children will begin to notice how important education is to you, despite the challenge. They may begin to take their own education a bit more seriously. Even before you begin your formal training, you are already a role model and have taken a huge step in improving your life and the lives of your children.